NEW Itch Mast-er face cream


Based on a tried and tested recipe – give summer itching the elbow

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‘I’m finding the new Itch Mast-er spray excellent. My pony suffers with summer itch. I spray along the mane & over the bottom area & top of his tail. Then he has a fly rug on top. I find it has quite a strong smell which compared to other fly sprays is actually quite pleasant. I also use the Oil2horse oil when he has any dry rubbed areas and that is fantastic too. I will be ordering more off both when I run out.’ Sarah Oakley
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Sample of our NEW Itch Mast-er Face Cream – made with the same quality ingredients as the 500ml spray and  litre refil
Apply to rubbed areas to stop the itch fast.  DO NOT use with other products on the skin ( Hibiscrub, shampoos or benzoates etc)Patch test before first use.
NEW Itch Mast-er is a brand new formulation based on the successful Queensland University research in 2020.
Made from a unique blend of essential oils formulated to repel flying pests that cause summer misery, calm the perpetual rub cycle, plus to condition rubbed skin.  Comes in a 500ml bottle with trigger spray use daily on top line, inner thighs and underbelly. Made from a blend of 5 essential oils including Patchouli, Peppermint and Lemongrass enhanced with Oil2Horse and spring water.
Use as part of your rugging and feeding regime through out the year when midges are active. Contents 200ml





Source: Australian Veterinary Journal 98
Veterinary Dermatology DOI:10.1111/vde12871

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