Mighty Jel 4 Dogs




Our NEW Mighty Jel for dogs ( & cats) is the same formula as our very popular Oil4Dogs but in a pot!
Suitable for seasonal allergies, paw nibbling and general skin dryness etc.
Used as a skin conditioner for dogs that helps restore the PH of the skin and to prevent staining.
Ideal to apply  legs and coat to avoid mud and grit sticking on winter walks.
Easy to use , patch test a small area for 24-48 hours to check for allergic reaction then apply sparingly, leave in and reapply as required.
No neem, colourants or perfumes.
NO BATHING before use and do not use Mighty Jel 4 Dogs in conjunction with ANY other products.
**Always apply to dry, unbathed skin.
Mighty Jel is a premium refined mineral oil and is also suitable for cats